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As a trusted commercial general contractor serving Florida, Link Construction Group understands the importance of preconstruction, the critical first phase of any project. At Link, our team sees the preconstruction phase as the essential step in the ability to provide value. Partnering with the project’s owners, architects, and engineers, we review the overall scope of work and analyze materials, equipment, techniques, and schedules to improve project costs, quality, and timing.


  • Cost estimating

  • Constructability reviews

  • Value engineering and management

  • Lifecycle cost analyses

  • Project planning and scheduling


The expert team at link delivers special skills during the preconstruction phase. We review all drawings at each stage of development to ensure constructability is maintained. We also rely on our large network of prequalified subcontractors, ensuring that bids are only awarded to those who have proven financial strength, manpower, safety, and reliability. The benefits of our preconstruction efforts include cost control, schedule conformance, quality assurance, and a total lack of surprises for the client and all project stakeholders. With Link as your preconstruction contractor, you can rest assured in knowing that all planning and design work is coordinated and optimized for the best results possible.




Link Construction Group stands out among Florida’s general contractors for our vast experience with commercial construction and our proven track record of success. We have the ability to serve clients in virtually any commercial or industrial market segment, and our diverse portfolio of completed projects demonstrates our comprehensive capabilities. As your general contractor, we will coordinate and manage every aspect of construction, giving you total peace of mind that your project will be completed safely, on time, within budget, and to the highest standards of quality.


  • A partnering process for issue resolution

  • Efficient construction means and methods

  • Clear commitment on final cost estimates

  • Project delivery on time, on budget, every time


At Link, our approach to general contracting is designed to ensure you get the most out of your commercial construction project. This starts with relying on the most outstanding construction partners. Our team has built successful relationships with quality subcontractors, vendors, and suppliers who have proven their efficiency, reliability, and delivery both in price and performance. By assembling our construction teams exclusively from our network of qualified partners, we believe we’ll always be able to deliver on our promises. Secure the success of your commercial construction with Link as your general contractors.




Link Construction Group provides outstanding commercial construction management services to clients in Miami and throughout South Florida. Our expert construction management team coordinates and oversees all aspects of our commercial construction projects, acting as the client’s single point of contact and accountability. Whether we’re building a new facility from the ground up or expanding existing facilities, Link provides unmatched dedication and attention to detail in oversight and construction management.


  • Single-contract accountability for construction

  • Effective integration with architects and engineers

  • Enhanced opportunity to fast track the project

  • Complete, integrated project plans

  • Enhancements in the bidding process

  • Early identification and correction of potential
    cost overruns

  • Options for a guaranteed maximum price contract


With Link as your commercial construction management partner, the careful control over all project functions will be assured—no scheduling errors, no cost overruns, no performance issues, and absolutely no headaches for you. We take pride in giving our clients peace of mind while handling all of the complexities of construction to ensure total satisfaction. In the event any challenges arise, at any point in the process, our team will work tirelessly to avoid cost overruns and stay on schedule. Our proven track record of success in commercial construction management makes us your source for a hassle-free building process.



The design-build construction project delivery method has been expanding in popularity over the past few decades, and it’s easy to see why. With design-build projects, we are able to bring a project’s design teams and construction teams into a single in-house client experience. As your South Florida design-build contractors, Link Construction Group is your single point of contact and accountability for your construction project, and we also assume all of the risks. With all operations under our roof, we are able to manage and control all design, engineering, estimating, value engineering, risk management, scheduling, and construction functions.


  • Shorter time to completion

  • Enhanced quality assurance

  • Guaranteed project costs

  • Single-point accountability

  • Integrated planning, implementation, monitoring,
    and reporting


As design-build contractors, Link strives to create an open, collaborative environment for our design and construction teams. When working together with engineers, architects, and construction professionals, timelines are shortened, designs are more flexible, and construction issues can be addressed on the fly. This helps control project costs and allows for earlier occupancy. With Link as your design-build partner, you get all of the benefits of overlapping design and construction phases along with unified oversight and reporting, giving you the best client experience possible.




Link’s commitment to LEED began in 2008 with the completion of the 2121 Biscayne Blvd. Staples Office Supplies. The project received a LEED Gold certification and was the first LEED-certified retail building in the City of Miami. 

Link Construction believes in the USGBC LEED mission and has embraced the changes and philosophies that it brings to the design, construction, and development industries. Link Construction has provided staff with LEED workshops and training and understands the value of having LEED accredited professionals on staff. Link works closely with a dedicated LEED AP and USGBC faculty to keep current with the latest updates to the LEED programs and the most recent advances in the green building field. Through this process, Link Construction can ensure that its project team is well equipped to assist municipalities and guide designers and subcontractors across all phases of the LEED certification process. 

The green building field became quite robust in a relatively short period of time. Link Construction’s dedication to green building principles, its diligence towards understanding the latest sustainable design and construction techniques, and its experience building to LEED standards, allow them to eliminate the learning curve and streamline the design, construction, and LEED certification process. 

Link has successfully implemented numerous sustainable criteria including maximizing open space, stormwater quantity and quality control, light pollution reduction, rainwater harvesting, green cleaning programs, innovative wastewater technology, a high percentage of construction materials with sustainable criteria (i.e. recycled content, regional content, certified wood), low emitting materials, energy efficiency, outdoor air delivery monitoring, native landscape and reducing irrigation demand.

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At Link Construction Group, we recognize that building information modeling (BIM) technology is the future of construction. That’s why we recently began offering this service to our South Florida clients. By allowing us to transform two-dimensional drawings into three-dimensional environments, we are able to visualize elaborate designs and intricate systems in commercial and industrial facilities. This BIM-facilitated analysis leads to enhanced productivity, among many other benefits.


  • More predictability

  • Improved productivity

  • Accelerated project schedules

  • Higher-quality construction

  • Improved facilities management after completion


When used during preconstruction, BIM helps design teams identify potential conflicts early in the design phase, and it also assists with budget control, constructability analyses, LEED analyses, and site logistics planning. During the construction phase, BIM helps subcontractors understand design intent in coordination and planning meetings, ultimately reducing the potential for rework. After the project is complete, BIM enables our clients’ personnel to familiarize themselves with their new buildings more thoroughly, boosting efficiency in facility management. With cutting-edge BIM assistance from the experts at Link, we can take charge of your designs and improve your outcomes.

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