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TSAO Design Group


Doral, FL

Renovation & expansion of Prologis Miami office include updated millwork, wall coverings, and high end finishes. This renovation expanded the usable office space from 4,500 SF to 6,800 SF. It included the addition of 4 new bathroom stalls, an enlarged break area, quiet rooms, mother’s room, and small conference spaces. The new large conference room features a full operable wall partition for free flow into the break room for large entertaining events. A new acoustical baffle feature adds warmth to the modern exposed ceiling look of the break room. Touch-less faucets & soap dispensers provide a fresh sense of cleanliness to the new bathrooms and a new bottle fill station updates the sensibilities around a standard drinking fountain. Specialty wall graphics and contemporary light fixtures add warmth and fun to this exciting work environment. All this combined with a state-of-the-art noise canceling system, and interconnected Zoom meeting rooms allow local teams to collaborate instantly to teams all across the country with the touch of a button.

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