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Codina Partners - Miami-Dade County Public Schools


Zyscovich Architects


Doral, FL


The Downtown Doral Charter Elementary School, designed by Zyscovich Architects, stands at 53,250 SF, a brand new, state-of-the-art facility with a much-sought-after language program that serves 800 students. The school is the first of its kind, built and managed in partnership with Miami-Dade County Public Schools and Codina Partners. The facility houses prekindergarten through fifth-grade students and contains many different features lacking in typical elementary schools. These include science, art and language arts labs dedicated to Spanish and French language instruction.


The Downtown Doral Charter Elementary School also features a variety of cutting-edge instructional technology, such as Smart Boards, which are interactive whiteboards, outfitted with Smart TVs, and wireless connectivity for student devices such as iPads. All of these high end features ensure the new school is among the most technologically advanced in our local area.


Completed in mid 2015, the new elementary school facility also includes a playground for pre-k and kindergarteners, as well as a new soccer field and parking lot for staff and visitors. In March of 2018, an addition was made where the scope of work entailed the construction of a 15,530 SF building for a classroom and a small administrative suite, connected to the existing facility via a covered walkway. The addition ties into the existing building infrastructure systems to create a single operating school. In addition, a new 1,500 SF exterior covered dining pavilion was provided adjacent to the existing dining room, as well the conversion and expansion of its 3.43 acre sod playing field, to 3.63 acres of artificial turf, with new fencing. All work was executed within a fully functional campus.

Link Construction Group was a proud recipient of ABC East Coast Florida's Excellence in Construction Eagle Award.

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